Portland Business Alliance Presents the Business Leadership Evening

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Portland Business Alliance
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Based in the Portland, Oregon area, Linn Crader serves as the president of Business Transition Services, Inc., where he provides merger and acquisition solutions designed to align the personal and professional interests of middle market corporate clients. An active member of several business and commerce organizations in the Pacific Northwest, Linn Crader also belongs to Portland Business Alliance.

On November 1, 2017, Portland Business Alliance will hold its annual Business Leadership Evening, which unites the region’s business leaders for an evening of business leadership recognition and celebration. Business presidents, elected officials, civic leaders, and upper-level management personnel from medium and large companies across the city are invited to attend. Additionally, the senior vice president of supply and operations at Boeing Company Fabrication is slated to deliver the evening’s keynote address.

Presented by Wells Fargo, the Business Leadership Evening will include the presentation of the William S. Naito Outstanding Service Award. The annual award celebrates remarkable leadership and recognizes individuals who provide exemplary services to the business community.

The event will take place at Portland Art Museum, with a cocktail reception from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. and a program and dinner to follow. Business attire is required.


IBBA Presents the Pricing and Recasting Educational Summit in October


International Business Brokers Association
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Linn Crader brings more than 25 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions to his role as the president of Business Transition Services, Inc., in Lake Oswego, Oregon. A dedicated business broker, Linn Crader maintains membership with the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).

The IBBA furthers the knowledge and development of business brokers through events such as the upcoming Pricing and Recasting Educational Summit.

Taking place October 8-10, 2017 at SpringHill Suites in Independence, Ohio, the three-day event enables business brokers to accelerate the sale of their businesses and business acquisitions by advancing their ability to value and price businesses properly. Participants will attend a learning seminar and complete a series of IBBA University courses worth 32 credit hours. Featuring a blended learning structure of live and online courses, the summit includes such courses as Analyzing and Recasting Financial Statements, Introduction to Pricing Small Businesses, and Pricing Small Businesses.

In addition, the summit helps participants work toward their Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) credential through a bundle option that includes a summit pass, IBBA annual membership, six online CBI courses, and a pass to the IBBA 2018 Conference.

The Factors Affecting a Successful Sale

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Successful Sale
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Leveraging more 40 years of experience in the merger and acquisition (M&A) industry, Linn Crader currently serves as the president of Business Transition Services, Inc. located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. With Offices in Newport Beach California, Santa Monica California, Bellevue Washington and Irvine California. With a well-developed network of professional contacts, Linn Crader serves clients by focusing on market factors and Compelling Strategic growth plans.

Research by Intralinks has identified six measurable factors which can be used to predict the likelihood of a company being acquired; these factors include growth, size, profitability, liquidity, leverage, and valuation. Acquired (target) companies demonstrated a higher (2.4 percent) growth rate than non-target companies, and, not surprisingly, both public and private target companies were more profitable than their non-target counterparts, 1.7 percent, and 1.2 percent respectively. The area which showed the most significant difference between target and non-target companies was leverage; private target companies had three times more leverage than private non-target companies.

Where public and private target companies differ is in size; private target companies were larger than private, non-targets, while public target companies were smaller than public non-targets. Additionally, the target companies studied had lower levels of liquidity than non-targets, and lower valuation multiples as well.

Preparation and Planning for a Sale or Merger

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Sale or Merger
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Linn Crader brings more than 40 years of experience to his role as president at Business Transition Services, Inc. Having successfully completed hundreds of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, Linn Crader focuses on helping clients prepare for a sale or merger.

There are several steps business owners can take to ensure a successful M&A transaction, such as obtaining an up-to-date valuation of their business which includes company earnings and sales, personnel, performance, and market outlooks. Financial statements prepared (or updated) by a qualified CPA that document the financial condition of the business are another critical component in an M&A transaction. In addition to a valuation and financial statements, potential acquirers frequently request a quality of earnings report to determine the business’s financial strength.

To ensure maximum earnings, business owners should also consider the efficiency of their current corporate tax structure to determine how income from the sale will be taxed, and how the transaction will affect their personal financial strategies. BTSI goal for every client is to increase their enterprise value by at least thirty percent and their family wealth by a factor of five. This is accomplished by implementing a five discipline holistic team for every client. Consisting of M&A expertise, Legal, Accounting, Tax Structure and Wealth preservation.

Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary Certification


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Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary
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Merger and acquisition (M&A) professional Linn Crader specializes in providing analysis and guidance to clients involved in M&A transactions. Active within his industry, Linn Crader maintains membership in a number of professional organizations, including the International Business Brokers Association, the Executive Officers Club, and the M&A Source, which offers a Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary certification program.

Offered exclusively to M&A Source members, the Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI) certification is a professional designation that can directly impact the professional growth and marketability of the holder by recognizing their educational background, successful transactions, and their commitment to the M&A profession.

M&AMI certification requires applicants to complete a minimum number of educational credits by completing coursework sponsored by M&A Source and offer proof of having completed a minimum number of transactions. Additionally, annual recertification requires holders to pay a fee, maintain M&A Source membership, and earn a minimum number of education credits each year.

The Network Unites Professionals Across Industries

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Business Transition Services, Inc.
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Business Transition Services president Linn Crader possesses more than four decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and is know for his Holistic five Discipline Team Approach that incorporates Legal, Accounting, Wealth Preservation, Tax Structure and Merger & Acquisitions. This Team approach was created over years of relationships with the best of class Tax Attorneys, Private Banks and Business Exit Experts. The team has worked together for years and is client centered not event centered. What happens as a result of this congruent team working with the clients and the clients existing counselors is an average of 30 percent increase of enterprise value and a five fold increase of the family’s total after tax wealth.

This event is more of a compelling growth strategy which raises the enterprise value. Our clients normally have two events. One to select a partner with the resources to help them implement a more compelling growth plan. Which we help them create and put on paper. The client normally retains 20 percent of newco to participate in another event in the future at a much higher enterprise value. The event is handled through a Wealth Empowered Family Bank to eliminate transfer taxes and increase the family wealth in the process.

IBBA to Host Pricing and Recasting Educational Summit in October

International Business Brokers Association
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Linn Crader serves as the president of Business Transition Services, an acquisition and mergers firm in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and focuses on maximizing clients’ transactions. An active participant in the business community, Linn Crader maintains membership with the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). The IBBA holds a variety of educational summits that help business professionals further their knowledge on topics such as pricing businesses and closing deals.

IBBA’s three-day learning seminar and online course provide guidance on how to properly price a business and increase their chances of closing more deals through accurate values and quicker sales. The seminar features a blended learning structure that consists of two live courses and one online course, which total to 32 credit hours. Courses include Analyzing and Recasting Financials, Introduction to Pricing Small Businesses, and Pricing Small Businesses.

Business brokers who participate in the seminar may also acquire a CBI bundle package that enables them to receive the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) credential. A gold standard in the industry, CBI designation signifies a commitment to professionalism, ethics, and education. The CBI bundle package covers the CBI application fee and includes six additional IBBA online courses designed to fulfill CBI elective course requirements. It also consists of passes for the IBBA 2018 Conference and an annual IBBA membership.

The Pricing and Recasting Educational Summit will take place on October 8 through October 10, 2017.