About Linn Crader

stacks_image_572With two and a half decades of experience in the mergers and acquisitions industry, Linn Crader adeptly fulfilled the role of Vice President of Finance with the Institute of Certified Business Counselors, which was founded in 1975 in order to help individuals interested in business opportunities to develop a more active market. Currently, the Institute boasts a broad membership that includes representatives from many fields, including accountants, attorneys, estate planners, tax experts, and business valuations experts. Linn Crader and other members of the Institute benefit from membership advantages, such as networking with other experts, training from certified instructors, sharing of best practices, and earning a professional designation.

Linn Crader currently functions as President of Business Transaction Services, Inc. (BTSI), which offers a unique approach to mergers and acquisitions in order to maximize transactions. In providing the best service to its clients, BTSI handles a small number of transactions annually so that each case receives personalized and focused attention. Linn Crader and his colleagues help clients reach their professional objectives, including estate planning, wealth maximization and retention, and corporate growth. BTSI staff come from varied backgrounds, including business management, finance, taxation, law, accounting, and strategic planning, and are well-equipped to guide clients through each step of the M&A process.

At BTSI, Linn Crader and his staff offer a number of services. Through transaction structuring and exit planning, BTSI develops a plan that helps its clients reach various goals, such as generating capital, establishing a legacy, or cultivating an alliance with a potential buyer. BTSI also provides clients the advantage of its three-step market valuation process, through which the firm estimates the value of the client’s business. Linn Crader also provides business analysis and strategic planning, tax mitigation, wealth preservation, market plan development and execution, and due diligence and closing.

Find out more about BTSI and Linn Crader at http://www.btsi.com.


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