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Business Transition Services, Inc. pic

Business Transition Services, Inc.

Business Transition Services president Linn Crader possesses more than four decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and is know for his Holistic five Discipline Team Approach that incorporates Legal, Accounting, Wealth Preservation, Tax Structure and Merger & Acquisitions. This Team approach was created over years of relationships with the best of class Tax Attorneys, Private Banks and Business Exit Experts. The team has worked together for years and is client centered not event centered. What happens as a result of this congruent team working with the clients and the clients existing counselors is an average of 30 percent increase of enterprise value and a five fold increase of the family’s total after tax wealth.

This event is more of a compelling growth strategy which raises the enterprise value. Our clients normally have two events. One to select a partner with the resources to help them implement a more compelling growth plan. Which we help them create and put on paper. The client normally retains 20 percent of newco to participate in another event in the future at a much higher enterprise value. The event is handled through a Wealth Empowered Family Bank to eliminate transfer taxes and increase the family wealth in the process.


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