IBBA to Host Pricing and Recasting Educational Summit in October

International Business Brokers Association
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Linn Crader serves as the president of Business Transition Services, an acquisition and mergers firm in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and focuses on maximizing clients’ transactions. An active participant in the business community, Linn Crader maintains membership with the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). The IBBA holds a variety of educational summits that help business professionals further their knowledge on topics such as pricing businesses and closing deals.

IBBA’s three-day learning seminar and online course provide guidance on how to properly price a business and increase their chances of closing more deals through accurate values and quicker sales. The seminar features a blended learning structure that consists of two live courses and one online course, which total to 32 credit hours. Courses include Analyzing and Recasting Financials, Introduction to Pricing Small Businesses, and Pricing Small Businesses.

Business brokers who participate in the seminar may also acquire a CBI bundle package that enables them to receive the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) credential. A gold standard in the industry, CBI designation signifies a commitment to professionalism, ethics, and education. The CBI bundle package covers the CBI application fee and includes six additional IBBA online courses designed to fulfill CBI elective course requirements. It also consists of passes for the IBBA 2018 Conference and an annual IBBA membership.

The Pricing and Recasting Educational Summit will take place on October 8 through October 10, 2017.


Leadership Portland Broadens Perspective of Oregon Business Leaders

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Leadership Portland
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A business broker with 40 years of merger and acquisition experience, Linn Crader helps corporate clients align their professional and personal interests as the president of Business Transition Services on the west coast. Linn Crader also belongs to the Portland Business Alliance, the Chamber of Commerce chapter for the Greater Portland area. The organization administers several programs for leadership development including Leadership Portland.

Leadership Portland provides business leaders with the opportunity to broaden their perspectives on critical issues affecting the region by increasing their awareness on the relationship between business, government, and community sectors. The program deepens understanding on how these sectors collaborate to achieve common goals. It also enables participants to develop advanced skills such as problem-solving and team management. In addition, business leaders will engage in initiatives that better the community by completing team-based Impact Projects.

Program sessions begin in September and conclude in June the following year. A two-day retreat kicks off the program, followed by full single-day monthly sessions from October through May. Business leaders who complete the program may participate in the graduation ceremony in June. Successful completion of the program requires participants to attend all sessions and remain employed by an Alliance member business in good standing.

How to Prepare to Sell Your Company


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Prepare to Sell Your Company
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An accomplished entrepreneur, Linn Crader serves as the president of both Business Transaction Services, Inc., and Murphy Business Northwest, Inc. With more than three decades in the mergers and acquisitions industry, Linn Crader leverages his experience and knowledge to help owners succeed in the sale of their company.

For most business owners, the process of preparing for a sale starts with determining their motivations and goals for the sale. Owners must have a clear idea of how they want to execute the sale and be realistic about how being acquired may affect their career and their company’s future. This information guides owners as they search for prospective buyers and gives them an idea of what actions will produce the best outcomes.

Once owners have an idea of what they hope to accomplish, they can start getting everything in order and hire the right M&A experts. The process of getting things in order is often exhaustive and requires owners to sort through their company’s history and finances to ensure all the necessary taxes are filed and there are no financial issues. Meanwhile, M&A experts, such as tax advisors and attorneys, ensure owners have done everything required of them and can help create a sale process that is smooth and successful.

Owners should subsequently start telling their management team of their plans. This often involves discussing an estimated time frame for the sale and clarifying how the transaction will help the company’s future. Further, management teams should be tasked with running the business during the sale process to ensure there are no problems that could jeopardize the transaction.