Forecast for Technology Mergers and Acquisitions in 2016

Linn Crader serves as president of Business Transition Services, Inc. (BTSI). Drawing on experience helping clients successfully structure deals, Linn Crader has assisted companies in a number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

When it comes to M&A, 2015 was a busy year, and some expect that 2016 will be even more so, with a larger number of mega-deals. For the technology sector, analysts see activity peaking in 2016.

However, some tech sectors will be busier than others. For example, since cloud technology is quickly becoming commoditized, it is expected that tech giants like HP, IBM, and Microsoft will acquire cloud-security vendors. Virtual-reality tech companies will also be posting for-sale signs, with eyes on companies like Electronic Arts.

On the other hand, analysts project enterprise software transactions between such companies as Oracle and SAP will slow, as organizations will move away from offering expensive products and services. Many also envision Twitter and Yahoo finding buyers in 2016.


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