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2015 was a Record Year for M&A

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Business Transition Services, Inc.

With over 25 years of merger-and-acquisition experience, Linn Crader is the president of Business Transition Services, Inc. (BTSI). Linn Crader and his company consults on potential M&A transactions and provides expert analysis and guidance for all deal aspects, including marketing, communications, accounting, operations, and beyond.

2015 marked a record year for total value in M&A deals. According to MarketWatch, announcements topped $5 trillion, beating the previous record of $4.6 trillion from 2007. There were a number of pending monster deals that propelled this number. Topping the list was a November 15 $160 billion deal between Pfizer and Allergan. Mainly fueled by a desire to reap tax benefits from relocating corporate haven to outside the U.S., Pfizer had been seeking a partner for a tax inversion deal for some time. Two additional transactions topping the charts in 2015 included Anheuser Busch InBev purchasing Miller for $117.4 billion and Royal Dutch Shell purchasing BG Group for $81.5 billion.

Some financial experts predict that such a spike in M&A activity is usually indicative of a bullish stock market coming to a head. Time will tell if many of these deals are ultimately approved.


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