Linn Crader’s Focus on Client Company Valuation and Strategic Marketing

As owner and Director of Business Transition Services, Inc. (BTSI), Linn Crader provides dedicated services that include transaction structuring, growth and exit planning, tax mitigation, business analysis, and marketing plan development and execution. Linn Crader also guides business owners in effectively navigating negotiations and the due diligence process and achieving optimal closings.

Market valuation is a key BTSI service that takes into consideration proprietary databases, as well as a host of online and information resource databases. A particular emphasis of this pricing research is on determining what is currently being paid for comparable enterprises in the same industry. Additional analysis helps refine this estimate and prepare the management team for placing the company on the open market.

BTSI’s customized marketing plan takes into consideration the same variables that buyers will carefully consider when performing due diligence. Linn Crader and his associates look beyond historical asset value and cash flow and carefully determine the perceived future value of the company. This concrete, documented approach enables the company’s value proposition to be clearly articulated, with an optimal price for the company achieved.